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LEXION - the new generation

CLAAS is revolutionizing their new generation of LEXION combine harvesters

CLAAS presents the new generation of LEXION. Seven hybrid and six shaker models with an engine performance of between 790 hp and 313 hp are ready to meet all customer needs in terms of performance and straw quality. With the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID and APS SYNFLOW WALKER, both hybrid and shaker machines have been given new threshing machines, both of which are extremely efficient. The driver assistant system, CEMOS AUTOMATIC, in the new LEXION models provides increased functionality, automatic and intelligent regulation and optimization of machine settings. Along with the new armrest, CEBIS now has a touch screen and has several integrated features for maximum ease of use. A new traction concept with less belt tension ensures maximum reliability and operating time.

Efficiency with new threshing plants
The new threshing plants, APS SYNFLOW HYBRID and APS SYNFLOW WALKER, significantly improve threshing and excretion. Both systems now work with a throttle cylinder diameter of 755 mm and 10 slag. APS SYNFLOW WALKER has a new, extra 600 mm separator cylinder behind the threshing cylinder.

For APS SYNFLOW HYBRID, the diameter of the distributor roller has been increased to 600 mm to ensure optimum flow of material at the transition to the rotors.

New grain tanks with a volume of up to 18.000 liters and an emptying speed of up to 180 l / s ensure longer operation and powerful emptying.

Precision through advanced technology
Again in the new LEXION models, CEMOS AUTOMATIC automatically adjusts the machine settings for optimal capacity and the highest threshing quality.

The new electronic architecture includes FIELD SCANNER, which controls the machine along the crop edge or along the driving track using laser control. FIELD SCANNER is integrated into the roof of the cabin and receives signal from the automatic registration feature on the front equipment so that it can adapt to the fitted front equipment.

The new QUANTIMETER can be calibrated from the cabin and measures the yield without the thousand-grain weight needed.

DYNAMIC POWER is now also available for LEXION and flexibly adjusts engine performance based on operating conditions.

Comfortable with new cabin
The new cabin design gives the driver more space and unique sound insulation. The new armrest is equipped with an adjustable CEBIS touch screen terminal and a very large number of integrated functions, enabling fast, intuitive operation of the machine.

Many features, such as speed reduction for the threshing cylinder or straw chopper can be started from the cabin. Quick switching between a wide variety of crops is also made easier with the simple procedure of replacing the threshing bridge elements.

A larger angle ensures a good view of the timber from the cabin. The grain tank is now very easy to access, so the bottom screw cover plates can be adjusted without the use of tools.

Almost all LEXION models are available with the TERRA TRAC tracked undercarriage and a maximum speed of 40 km / h for gentle ground handling and on-field comfort and faster transport.

Reliable in all conditions
The new traction concept in LEXION is designed for maximum reliability. It requires less belt tension, all the variants have been reinforced and can be connected to the central lubrication system. DYNAMIC COOLING is available for all LEXION models and ensures uniform cooling while reducing the need for air filter cleaning.

With REMOTE SERVICE, the driver gets the best help right away, so wasting time is as short as possible.


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